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Sergei Orlov. "Transition Age". European tour

Very soon, namely in the period from July 6 to 19, 2024, one of the youngest comedians in Russia Sergey Orlov will perform with his new program "Transitional Age". And you can order tickets for this bright show directly on our website. Do not miss your chance to enjoy quality humor performed by a charismatic stand-up comedian.

A little about the artist

Orlov, standup in Berlin, which thanks to our site will be able to see everyone, was born in a small village in Yakutia, and his small homeland and today often serves as a source of inspiration and interesting stories for him. In many of them each viewer can recognize himself. Sergey began his career with performances at open mics in the city of Yakutsk, where after a while he founded the "Northern Stand-Up Club". In 2018, the young artist moves to the capital, where he quickly wins the love of the audience and becomes one of the most sought-after stand-ups in the country.

The main thing that attracts the artist's attention to himself is the vitality of each individual story. Orlov's style is to joke about things that are understandable for everyone. At the same time, many stories make you not only laugh from the heart, but also think. And "Setting "To Be"", tickets in Germany for which you can order on our website in just a few minutes, is another interesting concert of the artist, largely based on real life situations with their problems and comical situations.

Today Orlov is deservedly considered one of the brightest young humorists, which is directly evidenced by his rapid success:

  • 2018 - award "Best Solo Concert";
  • 2019 - participation in the show "22 comedians";
  • 2021 - guest of the show "What Happened Next", and then the famous journalist Dudya.

What the standup is about

As always, the comedian jokes about life, laughing at himself and ordinary people like himself. It is worth noting that it is the ease and simplicity with which Sergei presents information at his concert, allows you to watch it in one breath. At the same time, no one after the performance does not remain indifferent, and positive emotions will not leave the viewer for a long time.

That is why it is worth buying tickets online for "Transition Age"" is a must. This is a great chance not only to get acquainted with your favorite comedian, but also to plunge into a real Russian atmosphere, being abroad. The new standup tour of the young artist touches on many acute issues with an unusual humorous side. This is the event that you should not miss if you appreciate quality modern humor.

It is very easy to order tickets for the concert in just a few clicks. Keep an eye on our playbill not to miss the performances of your favorite artists.