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Shows and musicals

What do you get when you combine a fascinating vaudeville, a cheerful operetta and a colourful revue? Of course, a musical that will not leave any fan of theatre art indifferent. What is the secret of its popularity and why do these shows in Europe arouse great interest among the public?

Productions that can give the feeling of a real holiday

The birthplace of this theatre genre is New York's Broadway. It was here in the XX century that the spectacular premieres of the cult "West Side Story", "Singin' in the Rain", "The Phantom of the Opera", "Chicago" and "Cats" took place. Despite the fact that the authors themselves called their works a musical comedy (the English name "musical" even comes from this word combination), the audience perceived them as something new and unusual. They were delighted not only by the skillful combination of dialogue, music, songs and choreography, but also by the fantastic sets, colorful costumes, the use of mind-boggling special effects and technical means on stage.

The public quickly fell in love with this genre, but for a very long time musicals remained the prerogative of only the American entertainment industry. Europe was incomprehensible to this kind of performance. It took a lot of successful shows before these productions made their way to the European stage.

Today, musicals are very popular. In some countries (e.g. Germany) there is a real musical boom. Tickets for performances of famous actors and groups are sold out as soon as the first posters appear. Not only English, German and French musicals, but also Russian musicals, which are both original productions and successful adaptations of the world's most famous shows, are of interest to the audience.

Tickets for the best events

Want to keep up to date with upcoming events? The musicals poster, which can be found on Kontramarka.com, contains all the necessary information about new performances with the location and date of their performance. Now you don't have to waste your time searching. Find an event you are interested in, study the schedule and make your choice. You can buy musical tickets online at a nominal price, with no overpayments or service charges.

However, productions of this genre are not the only thing that everyone can see in theatres and concert venues in Europe. Organisers of concerts and other events that operate in the field of entertainment spectacles offer many vivid shows that are worth seeing. They can be multimedia, ice, laser, animation, circus. Even a concert of a famous performer or group can be turned into a grand theatrical show. Modern show industry can do anything!

Whichever of the performances proposed in our playbill you choose, you will be welcomed:

  • magnificent musical accompaniment of the action;
  • incredible spectacularity of the productions with the use of large-scale scenery and original costumes;
  • unique special effects;
  • memorable performance of the best artists of show business;

You can buy tickets for shows in Europe in advance, long before they start selling at the box office. Choose, place your order. The time before the show will fly by quickly, and you will definitely enjoy what you see.