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Fans of humour and satire can listen to hilarious jokes, scintillating monologues, laugh heartily and relax from everyday life. Kontramarka.com service offers to buy tickets for the concert of humourists, impersonators or stand-up comics in Europe, which will take place in 2023.

Good humour always arouses interest

Really good, quality humour always arouses the interest of the public. And that's not surprising. Laughter is one of the most important emotional needs of a human being. There is no better psychological release than to rejoice from the heart, laugh at a funny anecdote, aphorism or funny situation. Mocking the surrounding reality brings a lot of optimism in life, helps to distract from problems. Not without reason humour shows in Europe are so popular with viewers.

Of particular interest are the performances of famous Russian-speaking comedians. The explanation is very simple. A sense of humour is a national feature, part of the Russian character. The ability to joke in these people is preserved even in the most difficult times. Although Europeans are not always close to and understand the problems that are ridiculed during the performances, they are happy to go to these concerts. And even the natives of the post-Soviet countries living in Europe nowadays - even more so!

The best comedy shows on Kontramarka.com

Have you been away from entertainment events for a long time? Do you want to spend a wonderful evening, relax with your family or in the circle of friends? Humorous concerts, tickets for which Kontramarka.com offers, are just what you need. The playbill contains the best programmes from the most famous stars in the world of humour. New witty jokes and already favourite numbers are waiting for you. You will not do without improvisations: humourists are masters of all kinds of surprises. You will not be bored!

On the site you will find all the information about the nearest performances: place, time, names of actors participating in the performances. These can be:

  • spoken word artists;
  • impersonators;
  • stand-up comedians.

Choose your country, theatre or concert venue and your favourite artists. With Kontramarka.com it is very quick and easy.

You can order tickets for comedy shows in Europe online right now at our ticket office. Their price will depend on the proximity to the stage. You will definitely not have to overpay. We have no surcharges and service charge. You can pay for your order in any convenient way.

Choose - and meet us at the concert!