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Kontramarka.com acts as an intermediary between event organisers and customers.

Our goal is to give interested parties the greatest possible theatre, concerts or other cultural events. We help you with all questions concerning the ordering and delivery of tickets to the events presented on our site.

If you have any questions, please write us an email to info@kontramarka.com 

  • You can send us your questions, requests, but also criticism to the following email info@kontramarka.com 
  • for questions about advertising opportunities on our site, write to this email rk@kontramarka.de  

Please note: The platform operators do not act themselves as organisers of the events offered. All events are organised by the respective organisers, who are also the issuer of the tickets. The platform Kontramarka.com and the platform operators have merely taken on the task of selling the tickets as commission agents for the event organisers.

Liability for events, especially in the case of cancellations, postponements, delays or other questions regarding the quality of the events, is borne exclusively by the organisers of the events.