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Rock Concerts

Boris Grebenshchikov in Vienna. BG+ Symphonia
19.12.2023 19 December 2023
Vienna, Austria
70€ - 120€
Boris Grebenshchikov in Hasselt. BG+ Symphonia
22.12.2023 22 December 2023
Hasselt, Belgium
55€ - 120€
Boris Grebenshchikov in Paris. BG+ Symphonia
23.12.2023 23 December 2023
Paris, France
90€ - 120€
Boris Grebenshchikov Zurich. BG+ Symphonia
5.01.2024 5 January 2024
Zurich, Switzerland
60₣ - 115₣
Band Boobmox in Barcelona
29.02.2024 29 February 2024
Barcelona, Spain
49€ - 59€
Band Boobmox in Alicante
1.03.2024 1 March 2024
Alicante, Spain
49€ - 59€
Band Boobmox in Valencia
4.03.2024 4 March 2024
Valencia, Spain
49€ - 59€
Band Boobmox in Lisbon
7.03.2024 7 March 2024
Lisbon, Portugal
49€ - 59€

You can't miss it! Rock, real furious rock will sound on the concert grounds of Europe in 2023! A lot of new compositions and songs that have already become hits will be presented to their fans by Nervy, Bi-2, Pornofilms, Rain Drops. Their performances will easily set the best venues of the world on fire and will undoubtedly delight rock fans. Want to be a part of a unique event? Our Kontramarka.com service will help you buy tickets for all rock concerts in Europe in 2023 quickly and without overpayments. 

Why rock is loved

This loud, rhythmic, in some places aggressive music is liked by many people. And there is nothing surprising about it. Emotional rocking, which listeners of rock and metal music get, fills with energy and drive, causes strong emotions and response of the soul. And if it happens in a hall filled to the brim with people? Can you imagine what emotional intensity accompanies a rock concert! It is not without reason that fans of this genre closely follow the poster, trying not to miss a single performance of their idols.

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