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Print@home Ticket

Print@home (print, print, @ home or at home)

There are a variety of names for tickets which are emailed to customers. There is a simple "e-ticket", "electronic ticket" and many more simple words and combinations. However, they all have one fundamental quality: following the logic, they can be printed or they can be used from mobile device.

In order not to confuse our customers, we have deliberately chosen the name Print@home. That is, the name says it all: These tickets must be printed. Pay attention to this!

If you do not have the opportunity to print out the tickets at home, we recommend taking care of this well in advance, for example by printing them at a friend or place of work.

Well, what is the fad of printing tickets in the 21st century and transferring paper?

The fact is that our website brings together the events of different organizers from around the world. You have to find a common denominator by combining them all under one ticket distribution system. The common denominator is scanning tickets, which may be occasionally done from a mobile phone, but when printed, it works flawlessly. In addition, in case of unexpected situations in the hall, notes may be made on the tickets. As you understand, it will not be possible to make a note on your mobile phone..

And if the tickets never arrive in the mail...

If tickets are not delivered to your inbox within 24 hours of ordering, in 99% of all cases tickets are in your Spam. We therefore ask that customers always check their Spam just as carefully as inbox and move the tickets from Spam to the Inbox. This will let your email provider know that the email was mistakenly in Spam and should not be handled in this way in the future.