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Stand Up

Stand-Up has long been one of the favourite comedy genres for viewers in Europe and around the world. Sparkling humour, daring jokes, frank banter, lack of restrictions and taboos when choosing topics, and lively communication make it a frequent guest of various TV shows. He became especially popular after Comedy Club Production launched a new Stand-Up project on TV. But true connoisseurs and fans of stand-up prefer to see their favourite comedian on stage live.

It is worth watching

As a rule, solo performances of stand-up performers are in the form of a monologue. Artists talk about what is understandable and close to each viewer, talk about life and problems of society with sparkling humour. They do it with great skill, so the most ordinary things are revealed to the audience from an unexpectedly funny side. Very often the performance turns into a dialogue, and comedians begin to communicate with the audience. A special atmosphere arises, which can be felt only when you are in the hall. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to buy tickets for standup in your city, because they disappear from the sale in a matter of hours. You have to follow the poster and schedule of events, planning your leisure time in advance. Kontramarka.com makes it much easier.

Stand-Up tickets in Europe

The Stand-Up poster, which can be found on our website, contains all the information about the nearest stand-up comedians' performances. It lists the venues, dates, and ticket prices. Among the speakers are famous performers, the best artists of the genre:

  • former kaveanshchiki;
  • residents of stand-up clubs;
  • participants and authors of various humour projects (for example, "Quarter-95");
  • talented comedians;
  • comedy actors.

Each of them is unique and inimitable. Their jokes (both long-time favourites and new ones) are filigree honed. They quickly become so popular that they are dismantled into quotations. Such artists will definitely not allow you to be bored, will give you a good mood and help you relax, throwing away all your worries and cares.

Ordering tickets for standup performances in Europe in 2023 with our service is quick and easy. You will not have to look for additional information about the event. It is enough to choose the event, place and time of its performance. You can buy tickets for the nearest Stand-Up in Europe online, and without overpayments and commissions. You can pay in any convenient way. In a few hours you will have your e-ticket. Then you just have to wait for the specified date - and you can enjoy the live performance of your favourite stand-up comedian.