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The productions of domestic theatres in Europe enjoy considerable popularity with the public. Audiences are impressed by the spectacle and emotionality of such productions. It is they that best reveal the Slavic flavour, the mysterious soul of the Russian man, his problems. The sincere play of actors allows you to plunge headlong into what is happening on stage, to understand all the author's intentions. It is not without reason that true connoisseurs of art eagerly await each production, trying not to miss the tour of famous theatre groups of the world in their country. Kontramarka.com service helps them to keep abreast of all cultural events. On our site you can find all the information about the nearest performances of different genres, as well as order tickets to the theatre in Europe.

Convenient, fast and profitable

It is convenient to use the service. The theatre playbill contains not only information about the repertoire, place and time of the performance in Europe, but also details about the cast, duration of the performance, intermission. Fans of Melpomene will not have to look for any additional information about the upcoming event. Everything is on the website. You can choose and buy online tickets to the theatre at any time, and long before they start selling at the box office.

Making an order is very easy. The only thing you need for this is access to the Internet. To begin with, you need to choose a performance, date and venue. The price of a theatre ticket will depend on the proximity of the stage. This should be taken into account, choosing a place on the scheme of the hall. Then you will only have to pay for the order in one of the convenient ways and receive an electronic ticket.

Using the Kontramarka.com service is very favourable. Unlike other online ticket offices, here you can order tickets for performances in 2023 at face value. We have no surcharges and service charge.

Genres to suit all tastes

In the repertoire of modern theatre you can find productions of various directions. Many of them amaze with their boldness, unconventional interpretation. Fans of theatrical art with pleasure attend such performances. But the greatest attention of the public enjoys the classical genres, including:

  • drama. Distinctive features of such performances are characteristic characters, deep feelings, strong play of actors. Staged in the best theatrical traditions, they make a huge impression on the audience; 
  • comedy. An excellent choice for those who want to get a charge of fun and relax. Humour, intricate plot twists, funny clashes will leave no one without a smile;
  • opera. This genre is designed for true connoisseurs of high art. They will be able to heartily enjoy the beautiful music and vocal parts, experience deep emotions;
  • operetta. This is a light and cheerful genre. Intrigue, jokes, bright numbers with choreography and vocals will definitely not let anyone get bored;
  • musical. A bright and noisy spectacle, a scintillating show that combines several theatre genres. It is sure to give a kaleidoscope of emotions;
  • ballet. The productions of this genre will allow you to enjoy the beauty of movements and feel the great power of dance.

On the Kontramarka.com poster you will find productions for every taste. Fresh performances by renowned theatre companies and performances by innovative companies, star tours, meeting your favourite performers and discovering new names are waiting for you. Don't miss the opportunity to see the best. Enjoy an amazing experience with Kontramarka.com.