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Affiliate program

Earn money with Kontramarka.com affiliate program! 
As a Kontramarka.com partner, you can now inform visitors of your website about all star performances and concerts and at the same time earn money from each order.

In doing so, we do all the basic work for you:

  • Negotiations and contracts with performers
  • Functional development and maintenance of the site
  • Customer service 
  • Order processing
  • Logistics and accounting

All of this is part of our responsibilities. All you need to do is to register as an affiliate, after successful activation use links to us on your website/blog and start earning with your first customer.

Basics of our Affiliate Program

1. Reporting

In your personal Kontramarka.com account, you can view your sales by referral links at any time. You will see not only total orders but also details such as event name, number of tickets, date of order and most importantly, order status. No black horses!

2. Trust

Our system automatically assigns a cookie to every visitor who comes to us through your website. Even if the visitor leaves your website without completing their order, all of their orders will be counted in your statistics for 14 days, generating revenue for you.

3. Commission

We'll discuss your individual commission with you in person. But even now you can be sure that it depends on the quality of your website/blog/forum, the number of visitors to your resource and, of course, the number of sales. After all, the more we earn, the more you earn!

Where do I need to start?

First of all, you need to send a letter to our e-mail address info@kontramarka.de with the subject "Affiliate Program". In this letter we will ask you to tell us about your website, provide statistics of visits and a telephone number to contact you. After an initial review of the information you provide, our staff will contact you.