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Band Nervy in Europe 2024

The band Nervy in Helsinki
1.10.2024 1 October 2024
Helsinki, Finland
The band Nervy in Oslo
25.10.2024 25 October 2024
Oslo, Norway

Great news for rock fans! In October 2024 will be held concerts of the band "Nerves" in the cities of Europe, which everyone was waiting for with great anticipation. You can buy Nerves tickets on our website today.

Love for music multiplied by talent and diligence

The history of this popular Ukrainian rock band began in 2010. During the years of its existence the band had to go through a change of lineup, suspension of activity and even to be on the verge of disintegration. Despite all the troubles, the artists managed to resist and turn into a cohesive team that traveled all over Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Europe and found their fans everywhere.

The discography of the group "Nervy" unites seven studio albums. The last of them, which was called "7", was presented to the public in April 2021. The album includes more than two dozen tracks, and today it has crossed the mark of 50 million listens.

Since 2022, the collective suspended its activities in Russia and began to perform in Europe with great success.

Do not miss the concerts of the musical collective "Nervy" in Germany

In October 2024, the musicians will go on a concert tour through the cities of Europe. The program of the performance includes songs from different albums, including:

  • "Batteries";
  • "Stupid";
  • "Coffee Is My Friend";
  • "Don't Shoot;
  • The Most Dear Man."

These hits, inspiring generations, will sound from the stage with a new force to remind the listeners: life is the most valuable thing that everyone has.

Performing in Europe, the musicians do not stay away from the events taking place in Ukraine. From each concert "Nerves" donate money for humanitarian needs and to help the Armed Forces. Not so long ago the musicians released the track "Vomivsya", where they tried to reflect the inner state of everyone who cares about the fate of Ukraine today. Now this composition is included in the concert playlist of the rock band.

A lot has changed in the life of the band recently. However, starting a new page in their creative biography, "Nerves" remained faithful to their principles of humanism, kindness and helping their neighbors.

If you share these beliefs and are not indifferent to the fate of live music, come to the performance. Your favorite songs, cool arrangements with the best sound and lighting effects are waiting for you. All information about the upcoming event you will find in our playbill. You can buy tickets for Nerves concert using Kontramarka.com service.