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Boombox in Europe

Boombox in Haarlem
3.10.2024 3 October 2024
Haarlem, Netherlands
Boombox in Krakow
6.10.2024 6 October 2024
Krakow, Poland
Boombox in Wroclaw
7.10.2024 7 October 2024
Wroclaw, Poland
Boombox in Warsaw
9.10.2024 9 October 2024
Warsaw, Poland
Boombox in Gdansk
10.10.2024 10 October 2024
Gdansk, Poland
Boombox in Poznan
13.10.2024 13 October 2024
Poznan, Poland
Boombox in Prague
15.10.2024 15 October 2024
Prague, Czech Rep.
1350Kč - 1990Kč
Boombox in Vienna
16.10.2024 16 October 2024
Vienna, Austria
Boombox in Bratislava
18.10.2024 18 October 2024
Bratislava, Slovakia
44€ - 49€
Boombox in Zurich
20.10.2024 20 October 2024
Zurich, Switzerland
49₣ - 59₣
Boombox in Paris
23.10.2024 23 October 2024
Paris, France
49€ - 59€
Boombox in Brussels
24.10.2024 24 October 2024
Brussels, Belgium
49€ - 59€
Boombox in Nice
27.10.2024 27 October 2024
Nice, France
49€ - 59€
Boombox in Budapest
29.10.2024 29 October 2024
Budapest, Hungary
19000HUF - 21000HUF
Boombox in Brno
30.10.2024 30 October 2024
Brno, Czech Rep.
800Kč - 1000Kč
Boombox in Alicante
1.11.2024 1 November 2024
Alicante, Spain
49€ - 59€
Boombox in Lisbon
3.11.2024 3 November 2024
Lisbon, Portugal
49€ - 59€
Boombox in Marbella
5.11.2024 5 November 2024
Marbella, Spain
39€ - 79€
Boombox in Barcelona
6.11.2024 6 November 2024
Barcelona, Spain
49€ - 59€
Boombox in Valencia
7.11.2024 7 November 2024
Valencia, Spain
49€ - 59€

Boombox concert in Europe!

This event is eagerly awaited not only by fans of the famous funk-hip-hop-rock band, but also by all connoisseurs of quality music. And it will soon take place! Since October 23, 2024 Andrey Khlyvnyuk and his band are going on a new European tour. Tickets are already on Kontramarka.com.

This band from Ukraine is well known to the European public. "Boombox have been tearing up the stage for almost 20 years. Their songs are not just soulful lyrics and beautiful melodies complemented by the inimitable vocals of Andrey Khlyvnyuk. In each of them there are deep philosophical thoughts. They often touch upon acute social and political themes, touching and stirring the soul. It is this feature that makes the band so popular and distinguishes it among many other groups.

Get ready to rock together with the musicians

"Boombox" know how to perform so that the hall is heated to the limit, and the audience remains under the impression for a long time. Their concerts become a bright, dynamic event, a real show that can only be enjoyed. Don't miss this opportunity!

Within the framework of the European tour "Boombox" will give concerts in Portugal, a number of cities in Spain. The program of upcoming performances will include both the hits loved by the public and new songs of the performers.

All details about the events are on our playbill. You can buy tickets for Boombox concert in Europe at the online box office.

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