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BI-2 in Europe. All The Best

BI-2 in Barcelona. All The Best
2.10.2024 2 October 2024
Barcelona, Spain
59€ - 189€
BI-2 in Vienna. All The Best
14.11.2024 14 November 2024
Vienna, Austria
59€ - 199€
BI-2 in Budapest. All The Best
12.12.2024 12 December 2024
Budapest, Hungary
45€ - 180€

Legendary rock band Bi-2 with concerts in Europe!

The band Bi-2 is pleased to announce their new "All The Best" world tour, named after Bi-2's latest release, which kicks off in Barcelona on October 2. The band will perform their greatest hits of all time in an updated sound - some of these versions can be heard on the album "All The Best Vol. 1", released in February. "All The Best Vol. 1" features the timeless hits that B-2 fans have come to expect, re-recorded in their original arrangements but with new cutting-edge technology. These hits will be performed on tour exactly as they are presented on the album, with the flavor of pure emotion of a live show. In a word, B-2 at their best!

The previous "Hallelujah World Tour" lasted a year and a half. Visiting more than 30 countries and playing more than 60 concerts, it was a great success in every way. The new tour is about to begin and the band members are excited to visit new countries, play in new cities and meet new wonderful people. Despite all the news, the band's core values, such as the belief in love, the pursuit of energy and a true passion for rock and roll, remain unchanged.