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Slava Komissarenko. European Tour

Slava Komissarenko in Brussels
1.12.2023 1 December 2023
Brussels, Belgium
60,5€ - 82,5€
Slava Komissarenko in Geneva
2.12.2023 2 December 2023
Geneva, Switzerland
39₣ - 79₣

Slava Komissarenko, a famous comedian from Belarus, will give a concert in Spain. He will visit the country as part of a European tour with a new Stand up programme. At the upcoming performance, he will give his fans the opportunity to hear unique jokes and laugh heartily.

In his distinctive manner Slava Komissarenko will not give boredom, it will be not just stand-up, but a whole show, where you can listen to interesting, but at the same time simple reasoning on various life topics. He cleverly translates everyday mishaps, problems and difficulties into a joke.

Where to watch live Komissarenko's concert

It is worth noting that in April the comedian was refused to perform on TNT with his program, but today he goes on tour in Europe and is ready to please people with his unique humor. Already in November Slava Komissarenko will go to Spain, and in November he will please the audience on stage with a completely new material, tickets for which you can already buy on the website Kontramarka.com. The poster with the schedule of dates of upcoming performances is listed, don't miss the chance to buy tickets for Slava Komissarenko's hilarious standup!