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Ruslan Bely. European Tour 2023

Ruslan Belyy in Alicante
6.12.2023 6 December 2023
Alicante, Spain
33€ - 82,5€
Ruslan Belyy in Brussels
12.12.2023 12 December 2023
Brussels, Belgium
38,5€ - 88€

The famous Russian stand-up comedian, presenter, producer and participant in the StandUp show, former resident of the Comedy Club on TNT, is going to Europe with a new program. Tickets are on sale now!

Funny, understandable, relevant
He was preparing to become a military man, but chose the role of a comedian. He graduated from an agricultural university, but decided that he liked making people laugh more. Today this artist is known and loved by millions of viewers in Russia and abroad. The public is attracted by his talent for improvisation and original, topical jokes in a special sarcastic manner, an unconventional look at everyday things.

It is very difficult to single out one direction in the work of Ruslan Bely. There are no taboo or uncomfortable topics for the artist, and this is where his uniqueness lies. During his concerts, the comedian jokes with equal success about relationships and sanctions, about women and politics, about the army and the rich. When Bely goes on stage, it seems to the audience that he is not performing in front of a full hall, but is having a confidential conversation with each of them. This really captivates the public; they see in Ruslan not a star, but an ordinary person who is close and understands the problems of those around him.

During performances, there is constant applause and bursts of laughter in the hall, and a relaxed atmosphere reigns. The upcoming event, which will take place as part of a tour of Europe, will not be an exception.

In Europe, Ruslan Bely will give several concerts. Don't miss the opportunity to listen to the popular stand-up comedian live. This will be a real comedy show. The time and place of the event are indicated in the poster on our website. You can buy tickets for Ruslan Bely’s stand-up show at Kontramarka.com.