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Dmitry Romanov in Spain

Dmitriy Romanov in Alicante
19.12.2023 19 December 2023
Alicante, Spain
28€ - 45€
Dmitriy Romanov in Marbella
21.12.2023 21 December 2023
Marbella, Spain
28€ - 45€
Dmitriy Romanov in Valencia
22.12.2023 22 December 2023
Valencia, Spain
32€ - 45€

For all fans of quality, provocative humour and good jokes! Dima Romanov, a colourful Odessian, a sarcastic intellectual, a born stand-up comedian, is going to Spain with concerts. The programme includes well-known monologues that the public has grown to love and new performances. Good mood is guaranteed!

If you want to laugh and really relax from everyday worries, hurry up. Tickets for Dmitry Romanov's stand-up show in Spain are on sale now.

Everything is decent, subtle and witty.

Dima is not without reason considered one of the brightest Stand Up comedians, who is memorable to the audience at first sight. And it is not only in his typically Jewish appearance, lush hair and characteristic colloquialism. There is no mat, vulgarity and rudeness in the performances of this artist. There is intelligent, sparkling humour, hitting exactly the target, topical jokes on life topics. At the same time Dmitry is not afraid to laugh at himself and his shortcomings, to say something personal. He never misses a chance to remind that he is a Jew. It is for this openness that the audience loves him. And he is also able to improvise inimitably with the audience, so his concerts are never boring. Each performance of the comedian from the stage turns into a real performance, a bright spectacle in which both the actor and the audience participate.

His way humourist Dmitry started in KVN, while still a student. After playing in the highest league, the artist got into one of the branches of the Comedy Club. Then there was participation in entertainment projects "Laughter without rules" and "Killing League", where Romanov appeared on stage with his partner in KVN Evgeny Voronetsky. Later, when the duo broke up, Dima continued to joke in the stand-up genre.

Romanov became really popular thanks to the comedy show Stand Up, which started on the channel TNT in 2013. It was this project that gave the comedian the opportunity to perform on stage solo. He joked about Russians and Jews, about himself and others, honed his skills, and fame did not take long.

A new step in the creative career of stand-up comic was the work in the TV show "Evening Urgant", where Romanov led the rubric "Secular Exodus". In parallel with this, he continued to perform in front of the public at concert venues, going on tour.

In 2022, Dima Romanov left Russia and moved to Europe. He did not stop joking. He is still successfully touring with solo concerts, gathering halls around the world, actively leading social networks. His craftsmanship is honed to a shine, his slogan is perfected, his improvisations with the audience are extravagant. He is able to create humour right in front of the amazed audience. And you yourself can easily make sure of it by visiting Romanov's concert in Spain.

See you in the auditorium

Performances standup comic will be held in December 2023. In Spain, comedian Romanov will give only a few concerts. They will take place in:

  • Alicante;
  • Marbella;
  • Valencia.

All information about the nearest performances of the artist can be found on the poster on Kontramarka.com. You can order tickets for the stand-up star's concert in one of the cities in our online box office. Don't miss this opportunity, there is not much time left before the event.